In-Library Consultation and Loan

Consultation and Loan policies are described into the Regulation of the SdN Libraries Hub and its annexes (Italian version only). According to the organization differences related to the libraries of this hub, the said services may slightly vary in provision. For detailed information, please consult the section "Local services” of any single library.


All users are entitled to consult books and journals onsite by contacting the library staff. Only the consultation of old or poorly preserved books is limited.

Please consult the Catalogue of the Bibliographic Research Hub to know the collocation and availability of library materials.

In case the material to consult is stored in a place not directly accessible to users, the number of concurrent requests may be limited and the delivery time may be different for any library.


Both internal and external registered users are entitled to borrow books.

The number of items, loan duration and renewals may change in according with the different user type. Libraries may  apply exceptions limited to specific items. For more information, please consult the annexed table (Italian version only) and the hub libraries web sites in the menu Locations and opening times.


In Catalogue of the Bibliographic Research Hub / "Spazio personale" (personal space) after entering your University authentication information you can make:

  • Book reservations
  • Loan renewals
  • Loan requests