By Affluences you can book access to the library.
By Affluences you can check in real time and reserve for you the seats and services available by reservation in the University Libraries and get updated information on
opening hours.
Affluences is an App downloadable from the App Store and Google Play that you can use without registering. If you don't want to use the app, you can use the web version.
How it works:
1) type the name of the library you are interested in in the search bar
2) choose available services
3) book the day and time of the appointment by entering your institutional email address
4) receive the confirmation email
5) confirm the appointment from the email received within 2 hours. This action
is only necessary for the first access: by clicking on "Remember me" the system will automatically recognize you when you make new bookings
6) when you arrive at the library validate your reservation by scanning the QRCode or by contacting the librarian.
If you give up your booking, we ask you to reopen the email received and click on "cancel booking", before the start of the chosen time slot, thus allowing other users
to take advantage of your seat.

See our video tutorial