Testing Laboratory

What are psychological tests?
Psychological tests are tools that allow the objective and standardized measurement of a sample of behavior. Each test is an integrated repertoire of questionnaires, personality inventories, batteries and test techniques (psychometric and projective).

The tests provide standardized methods (in administration procedures and in the interpretation of results) for the study of different aspects of psychic activity and normal or pathological behavior. By eliminating the drawbacks of intuitive knowledge, they constitute an instrument of interpersonal knowledge that allows us to measure the differences between individuals or the reactions of the same individual.

In the professional fields of psychology, tests are used for different purposes, such as the selection and classification of personnel in companies, the diagnosis of psychic disorders and dysfunctions, scientific research. For all these reasons, tests today represent a fundamental tool for teaching psychology and for training psychologists in clinical and professional practice.


Testing and psychodiagnostic techniques: objectives of the Library
The test material is located in a dedicated space on the first floor of the Library and offers users eight seats for on-site consultation and a dedicated workstation.

By setting up the "Testing and psychodiagnostic techniques" section, the aim is to offer professors, researchers and students of the Department the consultation of classic and updated psychological testing material.

The service has the primary objective of providing support to the teaching activity of the Department of Psychology; with a view to growth, it is proposed to also provide support to the research activity of the Department and to become a reference for external professionals and other subjects in the local area such as the Order of Psychologists of Piedmont.

By their nature, psychological tests are subject to special regulations for consultation, photo-reproduction, etc.

The list of tests is updated periodically. For some of the listed titles, a descriptive sheet has been prepared which provides information on the recipients of the test, on the material present in the administration kit and on the reference samples; you can consult the form starting from the test list on the left of the page and clicking on the title of the test or searching the University Catalog (search by title and / or author of the test and click on the link if present).