History and presentation

History and presentation

In 1905 Federico Kiesow (only Italian) obtained the first chair of Psychology in Turin at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy and the following year he founded the Research Laboratory in Psychology of the University of Turin which he directed until 1935.

Angiola Massucco Costa (only Italian), Kiesow's assistant, in 1965 changed the name of the Institute to "Institute of Experimental and Social Psychology of the Faculty of Education". In the years immediately following, the Institute Library was established.

The establishment of the Department of Psychology in 1982 on the initiative of Piero Amerio, a pupil of Massucco Costa, corresponded to the expansion and reorganization of the Library by the manager Anna Gabriella Corallini; The bibliographic heritage of the Institute of Experimental and Social Psychology of the Faculty of Education and that of the former Institute of Human Sciences of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, which includes part of the Kiesow fund, merged into the Library.

In 1997 the Faculty of Psychology was established and the Library, which assumed the dual purpose of research and teaching, became the Library of the Faculty of Psychology Federico Kiesow (May 2000).

Since 2001 the Library has been in  Palazzo Badini Confalonieri.

Since 2012, following the reform of the University, the Library has returned to being a Department and since 2017, with the reorganization of the University, it has been part of the library services of the Polo di Scienze della Nalura