On-line books and journals

Electronic books and journals can be accessed through the dedicated catalogue TROVA@unito.

  • Journals can be searched by title, subject, identification codes (ISSN and EISSN) and publisher. Besides any item, its own codes, access links, availability (amount of time for any related publisher) and the access conditions (FAQ) are provided.
  • Lookup of e-books is based on title, code, author and editor.

TROVA also offers the chance to look for a specific citation, forward the item search on Google Scholar, save citation in your own bibliography, see the journal Impact Factor.

Ricorda che per consultare le risorse online da casa devi usare o configurare il del tuo PC. Attenzione a non usare Proxy Unito e Bibliopass contemporaneamente perché i due sistemi entrano in conflitto. Quando finisci di fare ricerca, ricorda di tornare alla impostazioni di navigazione iniziali, escludendo l'uso del Proxy Unito.

Please keep in mind that to achieve off-campus access to electronic resources, Bibliopass or UniTo proxy should be used. Take care not to activate the Unito Proxy and Bibliopass concurrently because the said systems are in conflict. After finishing the off-campus session, the default browser settings should be restored and the Unito Proxy escluded.

In case of malfunction, please write to the Service Desk Information Systems and select “PROXY” into the field “categoria” (cathegory)

The use of all the electronic resources purchased by the University of Turin are regulated by specific license agreements. In general, users should know that:

Users are allowed to

Users are not allowed to

print or save a limited number of item copies 

print, copy or systematically download a whole set of items or most of them 

use documents for personal, didactic or research aims

conduct commercial use of contents

share documents with professorspersonnel and students of the University of Turin

share items with external users, unless the said people are involved in a common research project 

linking specific contents into institutional web sites

send item contents to web sites, modify, alter or create derived works without permissions