Off-campus access to digital resources

For off-campus access to journals, ebook, databases (e.g. from home or mobile devices) the following service is available:


For detailed information, please read the user guide.

In case of malfunctioning, please contact the helpdesk.

Alternatively, off-campus access is available by configuring the Unito Proxy in your browser by following the instructions for your browser or operative system:

After configuring the Unito Proxy, you may get off-campus access from the links which are listed here. Pay attention not to activate the Unito Proxy and Bibliopass at the same time because the said systems are conflicting.

When done, the default browser settings should be restored and the Unito Proxy escluded. In case of malfunction, please write to the Service Desk Information Systems and select “PROXY” into the field “categoria” (cathegory).

Both services can be accessed by providing your own Unito username and password. In case of authentication problems, please consult these instructions.